Review: ESPA – Treat Optimal Skin ProSerum

Company Ethics & Info

Espa is a brand that I really admire, not just for their cruelty-free policy but also for the natural ingredients they use and also the things they choose to leave out.

No synthetic colours or fragrance, no mineral oil (being derived from petroleum it isn’t renewable), no silicone (which can block pores easily) no alcohol or SLS or SLES which can be incredibly drying and/or irritating for skin.

Espa optimal skin pro serum

Product Info & Ingredients 

‘This advanced proserum helps brighten and even skin tone, enhance elasticity, firm and protect premature skin ageing.’

The oil is enriched with omega 3, 6 & 9, vitamins A & E and extracts of turmeric (which boots circulation and also brings down inflammation), white lupin and sunflower.


Simple, elegant and pretty. The glass bottle has a slight ombre effect but it’s nicely shaded to keep the oil from being exposed to too much sunlight. I was curious as to why there was a little button on top of the lid and pressed it a good few times! Upon unscrewing it I realised it was an incredibly useful dropper.








My Experience

The scent of this oil is incredibly spicy and uplifting! Similar to pepper and cinnamon. I’ve been smoothing a few drops of this oil between my palms and patting it onto my face morning and evening as instructed. When I wake up in the morning my sensitive skin doesn’t have any red patches which it can be prone to and has stayed balanced throughout the night.  I need much less moisturiser than I used and my skin looks plumper and more radiant.

Note after 3 months This has really evened out my old acne scarring and has made a very noticeable difference. I’m delighted!


£48 for 30ml

Normally at this point I’d do Good Points & Bad Points but there aren’t any bad points! Yes, it’s expensive but it’s such high quality that it’s reasonable for a luxury serum. If it were cheaper I’d keep applying it as perfume!

I actually got this product as a gift for subscribing to Marie Claire magazine last month.


8 thoughts on “Review: ESPA – Treat Optimal Skin ProSerum

  1. I have been using this serum for only a week, and I can see a big difference already. My skin is looking firmer and younger looking, this is surly now staying part of my skin routine.


    • That’s what I reckon sometimes 😉 Rose is a very underrated but wonderful oil (diluted not pure) to calm inflammation & redness. I’ve kinda forgot about body oils recently apart from therapeutic massage.


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