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Beauty Review: NYR Geranium & Orange Hand Cream

Neal's Yard Remedies Geranium and Orange Hand Cream

I got this free with this months In Style magazine – actually I bought the magazine just so I could get this. It’s normally £10 for 50ml I can find hand creams either too greasy or just not good enough in the long term. This is wonderfully thick but sinks in without leaving my hands tacky afterward.

Neal's Yard Remedies Geranium and Orange Hand Cream

This cream has a lovely scent which reminds me of a garden of wild flowers. It’s not too over whelming though and dissipates after a while, so it won’t clash with perfume or other products. I like this so much I’ve got into a regular routine of massaging it into my hands and nails morning and evening.


The skin at the sides of my nails was really dry and would peel and my nails where brittle and would split easily. I’ve been using this for five days and I’m so pleased as to how healthy my hands and nails now look and feel. The backs of hands are now as soft as the inside of my palms.

Good Points

Organic – Soil association Approved

Practical, easily recyclable and attractive packaging

Genuinely deeply nourishing

Pretty scent

Non greasy/tacky

Naturally antiseptic properties

Bad Points


4 responses to “Beauty Review: NYR Geranium & Orange Hand Cream”

  1. StiffKnees Avatar

    Going try this out, sounds lovely and just the thing to help protect my hands from the punishment they get from vegetable gardening 🙂 Lavender & geranium, such calming and uplifting scents.


  2. Kajsa Josephine Avatar

    Your hand appears healthy, I can understand that you love the product so much when the result is satisfying.


  3. buffalogrl25 Avatar

    This sounds like a great product! I have the same issue with the skin by my nails. It is hard to find something to get it moisturized without being tacky. Thanks for the tip!


    1. manchesterflickchick Avatar

      No probs. I thought other hand creams and balms were good until I used this ha!


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