OOTD Rocking Country



I’ve always liked a more relaxed rock chick slant on the country look – surprise, surprise. More Thelma and Louise – less Dolly Parton.

Earings – Peacocks (this season)

Shirt – Matalan (this season)

Rolling Stones tee – New Look

Skirt – George @ ASDA

Bag – River Island

Boots – Primark (this season)


14 responses to “OOTD Rocking Country”

  1. […] OOTD: Rocking Country – My fave summer outfit when I’m not wearing some kind of maxi. I’ve been told I look much younger in this outfit than my 33 years, which is always a bonus :0) […]


  2. Looking so great and I love the tee as well.


    1. What would your band tee be K?


        1. Yup! Your Linkin Park tee is well cool. I’ll have a look on their site or ebay I love em’ too.


    1. They’d put a raw edge on where the sleeves would be and faded the design already so I was chuffed. I have a similar Led Zep one.


  3. Lovely outfit and I love that bag. Might look out for it 🙂


    1. It’s last years in different colours but due to the fact it fades (which intentionally makes it look more vintage) there are a lot in charity shops.


    1. Thanks! Wasn’t expecting to read that response ha! I do love these kinds of outfits but because the pieces are so easy to mix & match I don’t give them much thought – so thank you 😁


      1. I love that look … but don’t do bare legs yours looked fab!


        1. Thanks. As soon as I get a pace on, you can tell they are really untoned to be honest ha! I usually wear 10-15 denier black tights (a bit 90’s grunge a bit 80’s Madonna) but they just don’t work with this look but it was a hot slow strolling day anyway ;0)


          1. Some good advice there thanks !!


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