Unexpected Benefits Of Having Big Boobs


If you spill your much loved food when wearing a low neck line you catch it on your boob shelf. Yum cleavage food!

They prop you up when you are sleeping on your stomach. No suffocation from your pillow.

You have built in floats when you go swimming.

You can add shape to that two-sizes- too-big dress you misguidedly bought in the sale.

Doing that chest bump thing men do, is suddenly hilarious!

If your loved ones are upset or sleepy you always have a comforting pillow for them.

How Boob’s got their name, I suspect:


11 responses to “Unexpected Benefits Of Having Big Boobs”

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  2. Ha that made me giggle I’m only a 34d but love the advantages 🙂


    1. I’d love to be around that size again sometimes, especially in summer. By age 15 I was a 32E so had a breast reduction to a 32C at 20 because of back ache and they looked amazing! Now my (clearly very determined) boobs are back to a rather saggy E, doh!

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  3. When I saw the title to this post, I thought, “Really? Please, share!” I had to read. Yeah, there is the male attention thing, but at my age, that won’t be around much longer 😦
    I am buoyed by the fact that I am not alone. Here’s to my sisters-in-arms…or shall I say…never mind, you get the picture. Thanks for my morning chuckle.
    Peace, ~vickie


    1. Glad to make you giggle. Yes, we are very buoyed by them. ✌


  4. This made me giggle! I only developed boobs in my twenties and I love them, but they get in the way sometimes!


    1. Thanks. Especially on a really busy high-street, you tend to inadvertently bounce people out of the way!


  5. You can balance 2 glasses of wine, one on each boob …


      1. I have the same problem with my head, pints of beer just keep slipping off. My skull simply isn’t the right shape.


        1. Haha! Try developing a little beer belly, they are really useful for that – trust me.


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