Zuzka Natural Beauty (Botanicals) Rosa Canina Body Butter Review

Zuzka created by Susan Kohutova a qualified Beauty Specialist & Registered Medical Herbalist is founded on the principal of using herbs, plants and flowers in skin care and beauty to help all skin types. Susan has sensitive skin and allergies herself so all of the Zuzka products are natural and soothing.


I wish more products would bold chunky packaging like this as it’s so easy to see what the product is and which category it comes under (Botanicals is for mature skin), plus it’s easily recycled. This Zuzka Natural Beauty body butter (£24.99 for 250ml) containing organic cocoa and shea butter is incredibly rich and little bit goes a long way. Skin feels a little tacky afterward but not greasy and even the driest skin stays moisturised all day, so I’m going to be using this on my hands twice daily.

Zuzka Botanicals Body Butter  Zuzka Botanicals Body Butter


The Rosa Canina scent is absolutely beautiful – so delicate and feminine. It lasts for around an hour on the skin but is subtle enough not to clash with other products or perfumes. It actually reminds me of a scent from my childhood, which is really comforting and nostalgic :0)

This item was gifted to me for review purposes. This does not effect my opinion of the product.

Chrissie xx

50 thoughts on “Zuzka Natural Beauty (Botanicals) Rosa Canina Body Butter Review

  1. I’ve never heard of Zuzka natural beauty products, I’ll have to key and eye out for them. £25 seems far too much money for me to spend on a product but if I had super sensitive skin I’d likely pay that. It does seem like you get loads of product for your money.

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  2. Never heard of this brand before, but I’m going to be shallow and say, “it’s actually pink in colour!” Haha… I don’t use body butter at all, but having the scent lingering for up to 1 hr does sound pretty nice.


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