Home Comforts for the Season (and accidental gluten)

Hello everyone! I think I may have consumed some gluten as I look cheeky but rather puffy – doh!

I’m so happy the evenings have gotten cooler in Manchester, Uk but I was only dressed all snuggly for about an hour because we had the back door open as someone was cooking (tiny kitchen, no extraction fan).

It’s that time of year where I get a bit obsessed with cozy cushions. Both sofas and my bed are full, so now I’ve filed an entire chair with them so there’s no room for an actual person!

Floor cushions are a thing right?! ☺️

Don’t you love how old furniture in a house evolves?

[Using my skeleton towel as a tablecloth for the spooky season]

Originally a pine antique dressing table, then a house-phone stand to which I added an owl lamp and a giant ceramic mushroom, and now people use this when making important (mobile) phone calls and taking notes, or as a calm space to sit next to when reading a book to rest their cuppa tea and snacks on 🤗

I’d love to know how your home is slowly evolving to suit you?


We Are Meant To Look Individual

So this is me when I was about 21. I loved my cute outfit (still do) and took my figure for granted BUT I really disliked my natural looks. So I made myself look like this instead. 🥺

From bullying which started in nursery (nursery!) I was asked ‘What are you?!’ (meaning what mixture of races) and later told as a teen ‘You people aren’t welcome here’ by groups of adults on the street and teens quoting their parents.

THE MAKEOVER/OTHER So I straightened my natural dark, curly hair (and eventually put terrible yellow-blonde streaks in it); made my narrow mono-lid eyes look bigger by exaggerating my expression and clever makeup (which I’d reapply every hour); plucked my thick, dark eyebrows to nothing; contoured the crap out of my nose (obsessively checking it) and did this, frankly weird arse ‘smile’ so my lips looked thinner.

THE SAD THING IS, IT ACTUALLY WORKED! I got attention from white guys who only wanted one thing, often because they’d ‘never had a girl who’s exotic’ 😒🤮 African and Caribbean men said things like they were ‘proud’ to be with me as I had ‘lighter skin’ but they still thought I would be ‘acceptable’ to their family. 🙃🤯

AFTER QUITE A FEW YEARS several guys had asked why I wasn’t being my natural self and asked if I was ashamed of my heritage (still don’t know what it is to this day btw). I realised I was making myself MORE miserable by altering my natural appearance and I started questioning why I was doing this to myself?!


TO EVERYONE READING THIS I promise you, you will find people who really appreciate you. More importantly, YOU need to appreciate you. 🤗

BUT if you have something that troubles you because it doesn’t seem to fit or doesn’t work well, I totally understand why you might want that particular thing altered a little. No judgment 💞



Gluten AND Vegan Takeaway Pizza Manchester

I was lucky to find this pizza from @fireaway_mcr_fallowfield one of the few places in Manchester where you can order a gluten free base with vegan cheese (for extra dosh).

There’s lots of pre-made options but if you go down the ‘create your own’ route you get to choose from lots of toppings.

I learned that if you type the food you want into Deliveroo, say ‘pizza’ and you click on the number of that food available (rather than the names of the actual eateries), you can the specify lots of options, such as ‘dietary’ needs. Bingo!


Quick Question…?

Quick question: Do I look like a XXX worker dressed like this? I had big black rocker boots on btw.

This is what I’ve been basically mistaken for TWICE by l@w enforcement.


Because I’ve been walking around the neighbourhood I’ve lived in (safely) all my life, in the evening, I’ve been stopped and repeatedly questioned as if I’m guilty of that, then told ‘well if your not out here working, why are you dressed like that?’ 🤯 They’ve insisted they drive me back home immediately ‘for my safety’.

When I’ve said I’m actually going to the shops/takeaway (both times), they’ve looked annoyed (like I’ve wasted THEIR time) and apparently weren’t remotely concerned about my ‘safety’ anymore. 😑

I’ve also been followed around shops by security, repeatedly when dressed like this.

So if you have an okay figure and dress a bit alternative, you are obviously on the game and a thief! 🤣

💙Chrissie 💙

🖤 Early Halloween Homeware from TK Maxx 🖤

Hello everyone! 💙

I’m not gonna lie, my house is full of creepy-cute things but I recently picked up a twin set of these adorable Mummy hand towels from TK Maxx.

I love how they have captured that cartoon, wobbly motion so well 😄For anyone with sensory issues or sensitive skin, they are SO SOFT!

Previous finds include a silver ‘sugar skull’ and a little (fake) dog skeleton!

Who else loves Halloween decor and homewear?


The Best Burger I’ve EVER Eaten, Which Happens To Be Vegan!

Hello everyone 💙

The best vegan burger I have ever eaten is from Aldi. It’s their Plant Menu – No Beef Burger.

I wish I’d have taken a photo to show how thick this burger is! I topped it with thin slices of Vegan Applewood Smoked ‘cheese’ and grilled it.

The Bloke made me a side salad of Aldi mixed greens with shredded beetroot (this bagged salad lasted a whole week!), Helman’s Vegan Mayo, Caper Berries and olive oil.


Guru by RuPaul

Hello everyone! 💙

As it was #manchesterpride over the weekend I thought I would keep that spirit going by sharing Guru by Ru Paul with you. 🏳️‍🌈

This is such a great book as Ru covers so many parts of their life and personality (from being a punk in New York to non-patronising life advice). Ru is funny, honest and inspiring. 🤘🏽✌🏽

Not forgetting the fabulous fashion shots! 😍

The cover also has that matte velvet sort of feel to it. 😌


Geeking Out – Watching Stranger Things from the Beginning

Naturally I’m wearing my Stranger Things tee while watching the series. Me and the Bloke have started watching it again from the beginning. We forgot so much!

This is actually a great tee for a warm-moderate summer evening, as it’s not too thick and I bought a Large from Truffle Shuffle to give me some extra breathing room.

No spoilers as we meet up every week for two-three days to binge watch a series at a time. One thing I will say is Hopper has an awesome ‘dad bod’ and him, Joyce, Nancy and Jonathan are bad-ass!

Where are you up to with this series?