Pervy art, rocker rings and butterflies

Cinco de Mayo is celebrated by Mexican’s in the USA as it’s an anniversary of their independence and it’s celebrated by me as it’s my birthday. I started out the day pulling a large balloon with a dishevelled teddy bear on it down the street to my partners (I call him B) and received fewer glances than I thought – considering I’m now 32!

I ate delicious (gluten and dairy free) birthday cake from Sainsburry’s.

Me & B visited the gallery on Mosley Street in town as I wanted to see the Raqib Shaw exhibition. The images consisted of various animals – mainly monkeys and tigers and animal/human hybrids doing interesting things to each other in a beautiful enchanted wood. Some of the mediums used where enamel paint and rhinestone diamanties on paper which looks much more stunning than it sounds. Imagine if clothes designer Ed Hardy had been inspired by various old mythologies and was in a very kinky perverted mood and that’s as close as I can get to explaining it. Sculptures included a Hawk headed man being raped by a lobster and a bat headed man in bondage auto asphyxiating himself. I thought it was pretty awesome!

Then we went into Afflecks on Oldham street so B could buy me a beautiful silver filigree armour ring. I’ve wanted one since I was about 13, something I was casually mentioning to B about 6 months before my birthday.


On the way out the exit/entrance on Oldham street B pointed out a bag in the window of the boutique to the right as he thought it looked ‘really practical’. It was a navy blue PVC coated satchel with a bright butterfly print and so many pockets it was a hoarders dream! I bought it for a very reasonable ¬£20.00. My man got’s style!


I’m sat in ‘the spoon’ Wether Spoon drinking strong sweet cider. Happy day.

Update: B was meant to take me for a surprise meal he booked – it was a definite surprise when we arrived & realised the restaurant was shut! Scoffing yummy Bella House take away instead now.

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