Funny Search Terms Directed To My Blog

I got this idea from a fantastic blogger named Suzie after she decided to list the bizarre search terms which led people to her blog. I thought I’d check mine out and wasn’t disappointed. Here are some of my weird, funny and *ADULT* one’s and my thoughts on them.



‘Unexpected big boobs’

Who’s boobs? Theirs? Mine? How rude of them not to call first.

‘Slutty Trousers’

This person just gets right down to it when searching for fashion.

‘Leather Kilt’


‘Park shags in Manchester’

I wonder if he ever found a park to shag in wearing his leather kilt?

‘Sonic Face Scrubber, use as vibrator’

I think this could equally be Slutty Trousers Girl or Leather Kilt Bloke googling.

‘Green hippies case Hello Kitty’

Maybe they were spying on her to see if she recycles.

‘Purple dress big boobs’

But are they the ‘unexpected’ kind?

‘Veggie cream cheese pizza’

Nom! nom! NOM!

‘Ass in denim shorts’

You won’t want to see mine after I’ve been scoffing loads of that sort of pizza.

‘Sex use toys’

I’m really hopping they are trying to find a manual of how to ‘use’ them and they haven’t just missed out the ‘d’.

‘Fireman’s wife OOTD’

Why? Do they wear sexy uniforms as well?

do ihave a Disoredor



What’s your fave?

Chrissie xx

19 thoughts on “Funny Search Terms Directed To My Blog

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  2. Hahaaaaaaaaaa! Saw one such post on a friend’s blog and I am thinking of doing a post of the same too. It’s so strange the terms or subjects that bring people to my blog too. Something like “hehfhdh” – I mean, how ambiguous!


    • You are the first person to confess which one is your fave, you know. I know dogging is a UK thing and then there’s Hampstead Heath in London but not in Manchester as far as I know – mean we have the (gay) village for that – unless they are straight?!?!?


  3. Haaahhhaaa! I used to like doing this when I had a WordPress blog. Now I’m over on Blogspot and I think you need to be a whizz on Google Analytics to view search terms which is evidently something I have yet to get to grips with. #daunting

    These results are hilariously and unapologetically sexual. Who? What? Why would you search some of these? I remember mine being pretty relevant to my blog. 🙂

    – Jenny

    I’d really appreciate if if you stopped by my blog:


    • That’s what I thought but there it was on my stats page after all. I missed out the other 3 sex toy related ones as I didn’t want to keep writing those words on my blog, ha. Tip: Don’t ever say something looks like one in a post…Unless you want this to happen!


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