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For many years I, like many young women, flattened my thick frizzy hair with hair straighteners. Sometimes I would put the waves back in using barrel tongues, which meant I’d spend a whole two hours voluntarily touring my hair! Five hairdressers in a row taught me this craziness because they had no clue how to handle naturally wavy/curly hair.

I really think life is too short for us to be miserable with our natural hair type. Not to mention how much damage using chemical or heat straighteners can do. We should be proud of our natural hair type and work on defining it rather than changing it complettley.

Below is a guide but first, here are my four favourite types of oil to use on hair. I would only use olive oil on long, incredibly thick coarse hair (like mine) as it will be too heavy for other hair types.

Argan Dew Argan Oil


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Neal’s Yard Remedies Jojoba Oil




Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Filippo Berio Organic Olive Oil

Moroccanoil Heat Protection


Step 1 Preperation

Before shampooing (depending on the length and thickness of your hair) rub a small amount of oil between your palms, making sure there is no excess. Smooth over hair including your roots. Work more oil into the ends of your hair until evenly but very lightly covered.

Step 2 Shampooing

Using a deeply moisturising shampoo. If you feel your hair turn really coarse or it gets incredibly tangled, you are either using a shampoo that is too strong or you are using too much shampoo. It can be better to fill a small cup with 1/3 shampoo and the rest warm water. It dilutes the shampoo and makes it much easier to spread through your hair. Rinse thoroughly.

Step 3 Conditioning

Apply a thick moisturising conditioner or hair mask (I recommend Argan Dew Replenishing Hair Mask which makes hair incredibly soft and easy to manage), then either wrap hair in a thick towel or wear an oh-so fetching shower cap for 5 minutes. A cellophane wrap can be difficult to manage if you have long hair and it doesn’t let your scalp breathe. If you can stand it, rinse with cool water (cold water really isn’t necessary) to close those cuticles, until the water runs clear. Don’t ‘leave a bit of extra conditioner on for good measure’ as this can dull hair, delay it’s drying time or even irritate your scalp.

Step 4 Pre Drying

Gently wring out your hair and wrap in a thin dry towel. Leave the towel turban on for a moment while applying moisturiser, plucking your brows or whatever. Don’t leave it too long though as you want your hair to still be really damp (but not dripping) when you take the towel off. Very gently tease out any knots using a wide tooth comb with dull ends.

Step 5 Oiling

Avoiding the roots rub and small amount (again depending on the length and thickness of your hair) of oil between palms and spread through your hair. Smooth the last little bit of oil on your palms over your roots. Always better to under oil your hair and then quickly add a little more if it’s starting to frizz as it’s drying. Remember the dryer your hair, the less oil you can get away with applying before it looks greasy. The aim is to replenish your hairs natural oils, not to add a excess product like you would with a cream or gel. Scrunch or twist curls/waves into shape. While your hair is still wet you can quickly get away with doing this, without it frizzing. The more your hair dries, the more you need to leave it alone!

Step 6 Styling

Holding a heat defence spray around 30 centimetres away from your head, mist your roots lightly. Turn your hair dryer to it’s lowest setting or press the fancy ‘cold’ button. Standing upright with your head tilted to one side use a diffuser and blast the roots underneath your hair for a short while. If your hair looks too big for your liking then use the narrow hairdryer head on the same cold setting for a short while to smooth down your roots. It’s really important to stop using the hairdryer while hair is still a little damp and let it air dry. Never. Ever Brush. It! If you want to separate the curls it’s best to do this carefully with your fingers or a big wide tooth comb to avoid frizz.

Now your hair should look beautifully shiny, healthy and naturally styled into either…







Since my mid twenties, I’ve only been washing my hair every ten days or so which has made it look a lot healthier  This isn’t during hot summer months or if I’ve been exercising though!

I hope styling your hair in this natural way makes it quicker, easier and more enjoyable for you.

Chrissie xx

13 responses to “Using Oil To Style Frizzy Or Curly Hair”

  1. Kajsa Josephine Avatar

    The waves are pretty on you, gives you a very feminine finish 🙂


    1. Manchester Flick Chick (Chrissie) Avatar

      Aww, thank you. I was going for a modern version of 1940’s glam Hollywood hair.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. amy lyons Avatar
    amy lyons

    my friend has crazy curly hair so i will definitely be passing on these tips to her! xx


    1. Manchester Flick Chick (Chrissie) Avatar

      I bet she’ll appreciate it, if she isn’t an oil convert already! I was lucky to have a friend with afro hair about 15 years ago who oiled her hair after washing it, so I got into the habit of it.


  3. Tracey Snell Avatar

    I have long thick frizz-prone hair too, and I find hair oils invaluable. I recently posted a round-up of 3 products to tame frizz. One was the Aveda nourishing dry oil which I use every few days (depending on how my hair is behaving!). You can use it on damp too, before blow drying. I really would be lost without my hair oils! Tx


    1. Manchester Flick Chick (Chrissie) Avatar

      Ooh, I’ll have to check that one out. I like dry oils to tame frizz when I’m out and about.


  4. misspond Avatar

    Wow! What awesome tips for those with frizzy hair- I’ll have to show this to my mum! I have really fine hair but a huge amount of it- such a nightmare, it doesn’t frizz but has a tendency to get very greasy 😦
    Have you tried Jason and the Argan Oil shampoo from Lush? It’s really good and helps keep my hair in check when I do blow dry it! I’d highly recommend x


    1. Manchester Flick Chick (Chrissie) Avatar

      Haha fantastic name from Lush! I must confess the film Jason and the Arganaughts was the first thing I thought of when I heard the name of the oil. I use the coconut one from Lush but I’m sick of actual bits of coconut all over my shower. I’ll change to that one, thanks for the tip :o) Fine hair but lots of it, that would be equally difficult to manage as mine then!


    2. Manchester Flick Chick (Chrissie) Avatar

      Hi, I’ve just discovered Argan Dew do a lighter serum for fine hair flyaway to balance it :o)

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Rachel Vintage Folly Avatar

    How interesting that you put the oil on begore and after you wash
    I’m a fan of diluting argan oild and using as a light leave in conditioner. Great post and your hair is stunning x


    1. Manchester Flick Chick (Chrissie) Avatar

      Oh *blushes* thank you :o) I found that what ever shampoo I used it was drying out the bottom half too much so I needed it. Plus it’s cheaper than buying those tiny V05 oil shots!


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