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Pixi, Strobe and Sculpt Palette £24 – designed by beauty blogger Maryam Maquillage – is perfect for when you want to glow on the go! Practical for when you are travelling and also a simple way to get into highlighting, contouring and strobbing (which is subtly highlighting EVERYTHING – even with contour – so you look rather ethreal) as there are instructions on the packaging of how to use everything.

I wanted a more golden high-lighter/strobber than the one I had and I also needed a new contour and basic face powder as I dropped and smashed both of them. I tend to improvise by using eyeshadow or even lipstick as blush and never thought I’d find everything in the one palette! The mineral powders deliver a surprising amount of pigment so I only the lightest sweep is needed. I get the feeling this will last a very ong time.

I’ve tested this on my pale inside arm to give more contrast, and to show you the shades individually. I love the warm tone to this palette but it also has a contour which is more grey than brown, giving a very realistic shadow tone.

Not quite sure why all of the contour isn’t showing right up to my ear (above photo) so I took one in shadow (below). To give you an idea of what is real and what isn’t: The contour which carries on downward toward my mouth is my natural contour. I have a long slim face, with very high cheek bones but really chubby cheeks!

This palette is going to reduce my getting-ready-time so much as everything is all together and has similar textures and application methods. After using all of the palette my skin looks more glowing and natural, than if I’d have just used a light foundation!

Rating 5/5

4 responses to “Pixi – Strobe and Sculpt Palette”

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  2. Siobhan / Vegan Babe Life Avatar

    I’ve heard such good things about this palette and love pixi products. The packaging is stunning and I love the highlighters. They’re really glowy and lovely, but natural looking.

    Siobhan ~


    1. Vamp It Up Mcr (Chrissie) Avatar

      I honestly couldn’t get over just how natural the tones are to my skin. May be a little too warm for paler people though. I love the packaging to. They do two or three others in cardboard to reduce plastic but I’m a clumsy lass so I need it to be sturdy lol

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      1. Siobhan / Vegan Babe Life Avatar

        They’re great aren’t they. Yeah I think this one could be too dark for my pale ass ha but I’ll have to try some out. It’s gorgeous isn’t it. It’s nice to have the option 😊

        Liked by 1 person

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