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Who are Beauty Kitchen 

‘At Beauty Kitchen we always make 100% effective, natural and affordable products. Our recipees only contain 100% pure essential oils plus naturally derived ingredients and will never cost the earth.’

Beauty kitchen Body Oil

Beauty kitchen Body Oil

Beauty kitchen Body Oil

Inspire Me Body oil £14.99 for 100ml has such cheerful packaging and the dark blue glass will keep the oil in the shade as it should be stored. The pipette gives enough oil even for larger areas. The oil has a beautiful fresh almost herbal scent and skins in surprisingly quickly, even though this is not a dry body oil. I gently massaged this into my skin every morning for 1 week.

Stretch Marks Before

(I’m wearing a lace trimmed vest, it’s not a bra!)


Stretch Marks After


I wasn’t expecting much, these deep silvery marks were here before I was even 20, thanks to mother nature. The oil did make my skin look healthier and younger though to be fair.

Back of Thighs Before 


My cellulite was a slightly worse than it looks here but I really didn’t want to go out into natural lighting to take the picture! You can still see the reddish shadows though, especially on the left and top right.

Back Of Thighs After


I deliberately didn’t look in a mirror for the whole week so it was a total shock to see my cellulite with faint stretch marks had more than halved! I actually did a little dance with joy! The tiny green/blue veins seem less visible as well. I might actually be getting my shorts out again after a year in the cupboard – hurrah! Note: I haven’t cropped the picture – this is exactly the same area btw, just a slightly different angle. It’s difficult bending over backwards taking piccies lol

Overall Verdict

Obviously a massage every day is going to make some difference but I didn’t really have the time or the strength to do it properly so I was mostly relying on the oil. I’m going to carry on using this on my the back of my thighs each morning and I might apply it at night if I’m not too sleepy. To give you an idea about the amount of oil I’ve used it’s now at the same level as the top of the label.

Rating  Stretch Marks 2/5 Cellulite 5/5

This product was gifted to me to review, which does not affect my opinion in any way.

Chrissie xx

6 responses to “Beauty Kitchen – Inspire Me Body Oil (before & after pics)”

  1. midnightflixy Avatar

    I’ve been searching and searching for something to help my cellulite (along with trying to eat better and exercise..) and I can’t believe the difference! Is the change really noticeable in person? How much was the oil?


    1. Manchester Flick Chick (Chrissie) Avatar

      I’m ashamed to say I got so carried away writing the review I didn’t include a link or price/weight OMG! I’ve gone from feeling like a wobbly frumpy Mum always in longer skirts (I don’t even have kids) to thinking If I keep this up for a month or so, I’ll be wearing shorts again. Now to address the wobblyness lol

      Liked by 1 person

      1. midnightflixy Avatar

        Wow its that good huh? I’m TRYING to address the wobbiliness and this lovely cottage cheese look I have going on but so far I’ve not achieved much….might look into this oil to help!


      2. Manchester Flick Chick (Chrissie) Avatar

        Link and pricing is on the post now, sorry about that! 🙈


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