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When you do the same thing virtually everyday, weekdays merge into weekends and weekends merge into bank holidays, there’s really no difference. The Bloke and myself decided that at least once a month we should have a date night and choose somewhere to go out for a meal or at least a few drinks. As always The Bloke chose Pizza Express (if only they had a loyalty point system!) and decided upon Didsbury so we could have a drink in the Greenfinch, a big friendly busy pub near by.


Before we ordered our food I chose a glass of award winning Sauvignon Blanc from Marlborough, New Zealand which was the nicest white wine I’ve ever tried.

Starters x2 – I was hungry!

Broccolini with parmesan and chilli perfectly cooked. I could happily incorporate ‘broccolini time’ in between lunch time and tea time, everyday.


Bruschetta Con Funghi – chestnut & closed cup mushrooms, béchamel sauce and red onions on dough with chopped parsley and balsamic syrup. Creamy, tangy doughy deliciousness.



Lasagna Verde ‘Chargrilled vegetables, chopped surfine capers and olives, roasted peppers, mozzarella, béchamel & passata layered with green spinach pasta and baked with a spicy Arrabbiata sauce. Finished with Gran Milano cheese.’ I’ve had lasagna in the past where the pasta has been over cooked around the edges and the veggies have been over done. As usual Pizza Express get their lasagna right every single time. The spinach pasta was a nice touch and really added to the flavour.


The Bloke chose a Veneziana pizza with pine kernels, red onions, surfine capers, olives, sultanas, mozzarella and tomato. I like all of these toppings but I wouldn’t have thought of combining them all together on a pizza. The Bloke wasn’t as hungry as me (even though he ordered this ‘Romana’ sized) so this really suited him and he loved the contrast of the sultanas. I had a bite and was surprised that I really liked it.



I am usually drawn to any desert with either biscuit, toffee, fudge or salted caramel but I was so full at this point I chose some lovely strawberry gelato (which I’m pleased to confirm is veggie despite what the name might suggest) and gave the amazing Honeycomb Cream Slice a miss this time. Yes, I had already started eating this before The Bloke reminded me to take a piccy!


Has this made you hungry now? ^_^

The service was quick with two waiters being attentive and working well together and the food was great value for money with decent portion sizes as always.

Chrissie xx

2 responses to “Date Night at Pizza Express Didsbury”


    Mmm! You can go wrong with Pizza Express. I was at their Brent Cross branch on Sunday and had a lovely pizza lunch 🙂 Date nights are always fun so glad you had a good time X


    1. Manchester Flick Chick (Chrissie) Avatar

      Their standard is always high and so consistent – unlike some other immediately trendy places where standards can be quite hit and miss depending when you go. Thanks for visiting :o)


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