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How I Created My Blog – Name, Header, Theme & Signature


I chose Vamp It Up Manchester as a pun on the expression Camp it up. I’ve always been quite alternative and a bit vampish over the years with my style, hair, films, TV and music and my attitude in general. Why be boring when you can Vamp It Up!

My social media is Vamp It Up Mcr which got confused with an abbreviation for My Chemical Romance a few times initially. That was cool because their fans were my type of people anyway.

Header, Theme & Signature

I found it really difficult to decide on a image for my blog header that reflected everything my blog was about and my blogs branding in general. As I run a lifestyle blog based in Manchester, covering street style, street photography and local events I choose one of my photographs of Manchester.

Three years later my blog had evolved to feature many international brands and it had many more international followers. I also wasn’t going out and about around Manchester as much anymore, even though I was still featuring local eateries, so I wanted something more generic but stylish.

I chose an image of rain on a window at night, which my camera had snapped by mistake. It was a quirky little accident but the rain looked pretty glittering gold in the street light. I love anything black and alternative but I also love gold, which is what I’d chosen for my blogs theme so it was perfect! It also inspired me to use this 🖤✨ as my signature.


For a few years I struggled with the tone of my writing. Trying to hard at being a writer I suppose. It came across as professional but cold. I realised the solution was to include more, well…me! I started including more personal posts, writing more in my own voice and being proper honest and having a laugh.

I think it really helps to bring your personality to your blog, after all it’s YOUR blog. Every blog needs decent editing and styling of course but people want to read blogs by people they can relate to on some level.


2 responses to “How I Created My Blog – Name, Header, Theme & Signature”

  1. B Avatar

    I think finding a style/design for a blog is one of the hardest parts!

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    1. Vamp It Up Mcr (Chrissie) Avatar

      Yup! I think I’ve subconsciously kept the layout looking like a blog/journal, rather than a brands website. I guess that’s quite quaint now lol I tried visiting your site but I couldn’t get the stupid app to load your site. 🙈 Thanks for commenting B 🖤✨


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