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When I’ve just woken up in the morning and I’m still half asleep, I’m really not in the mood to prepare or eat any food. Same goes for when I’m about to start exercising – indigestion anyone? Protein shakes are the ideal answer but not everyone is a juicing addict because of the clean up time and the endless supply of fresh ingredients that are needed.


Juiven8 are the first bottled drinks to contain real fruit juice, coconut water and 12g of whey protein, which I think is a fantastic idea!

Juiven8 protein fruit juice

What they say…

‘Recover | Restore | Rejuvenate’

‘Produced in the UK with 12g of whey protein and rich in antioxidants, vitamins, amino acids and electrolytes, Juiven8 is specifically designed with active people n mind, to support workout performance and recovery.’

What I think…

I drunk the Blackcurrant , acai & coconut water flavour at around 9.30am and it got my metabolism (and therefore my bodies central heating system) into gear and saw me through to lunch at around 1.30pm, without a mid morning snack.

I drunk the Mango, pinapple and coconut water flavour before and throughout my evening exercise routine and I was able to increase it from 30 minutes to a full hour, without feeling exhausted like I normally would. Wow!


Contains the electrolytes potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, sodium, and calcium.

Tastes like a lovely fruity thin shake straight out of the fridge.

Contains vitamin C.

Ready made so no fuss.

Gives you a lot more energy than you would expect and is a lot healthier than all of the other sports drinks.

Available in packs of 6x250ml, 12x250ml and 48x250ml so a range of choices.


Has to be kept refrigerated to 5C which makes it awkward if you want to use it in summer throughout a long workout or to carry in your bag throughout the day. (I forgot I’d taken one out of the fridge early in the morning and came across it that evening. It tasted a little like fruit flavoured, slightly bitter custard and I couldn’t drink it. Completely my fault but it highlighted that this should be treated as milk, rather than juice).


Whey protein comes from milk and can contain a very small amount of lactose, so if you have an allergy to either you should avoid this product. I have a food intolerance which is milder and I just looked a little flushed in the face but had no other symptoms. Ironically all of the energy it gave me probably counter acted the mild fatigue I get from dairy – go figure!?

I was sent several bottles of this product to sample for free. This does not bias my opinion in anyway. All opinions are my own unless otherwise stated.

Chrissie XX

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