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This is my new avatar I designed myself which I’m really pleased with.



I’ve wanted a pair of white snow boots since 1994 when I saw Mariah Carey wearing them in her video for  All I Want for Christmas is You. I couldn’t believe it when I saw these in the Easy Life catalogue with the Sunday papers! They go with so many more things than you would expect like wide leg tracky bottoms, cargo pants or boyfriend jeans (rolled up), skinny jeans, even casual skater type dresses.



I’ve been searching for years for slim fit cargo pants that aren’t made of hemp or linen which creases so easily. I did find a lot of festival/harem pants with crotches down to knees – not exactly the look I was aiming for. Then I looked at the EMP online shop and found this subtle take on the classic 1980’s ‘bondage pants’ that punks/goths used to wear. I was thinking of getting the proper ones but figured with my expertise in co-ordination and spacial awareness that I might get looped around stuff or tangled up in general lol I’m going to get a long keychain for them though if I can find one.


This is the comfiest top ever! The neck isn’t too low at the back (equalling freezing cold) or too high around my neck at the front (equalling strangulation) , the little cap sleeves keep my shoulders warm but aren’t clingy under the arms, it’s slim fit (so I don’t feel ‘lost’ in it) and long enough to tuck in at the bottom of my back so I don’t get ‘catch a draft’. All of my physical Sensory Processing Disorder traits are totally catered for basically. There’s lot of other Deadpool merch over at EMP as well.

 Recording Positivity 



Struggling to get a diagnosis of Ehler’s Danlos Syndrome (a vastly misunderstood genetic connective tissue disorder) whilst struggling with all of the symptoms of it can be literally exhausting and very stressful. Attending endless hospital appointments and explaining things to people who should actually be explaining the specifics to me! Also navigating my way around friendships with all of the various needs and quirks that my disabilities and chronic illnesses bring. Most of which seem to be very confusing to people, even after repeated concise explanations and examples. That’s even before the chronic fatigue kicks in! So I decided to get a pretty diary and pens from Paperchase and write something positive in it every day, even if it’s a small-ish thing like getting my favourite takeaway or receiving a compliment. This way I will have around 30 positive things to look back on every month.

 Cute Things! ^_^

I’m Chrissie and I’m not ashamed to say that I adore quirky-cute things and have a slight obsession with stickers.






The notebooks are from Box Monster, the stickers are from Red Bubble (apart from the Hendrix one which is from Afflecks) and the pins are from Box Monster and Punky Pins.

Veggie, Gluten and Dairy free Food


Very similar in texture to falafel, these koftas are so versatile and can go with salad and dips, make a chunky burger or bulk up pasta or stir fry. The Moroccan ones are my faves as they are savoury, slightly spicy but also slightly sweet.


I’ve recently gotten into salads full of protein and this bean salad with sweetcorn, red sweet pepper, red onion, chickpeas, little gem lettuce, cherry tomatoes, mint, olive oil and a tiny bit of mango and green chilli dressing (from the local world foods shop). It’s so quick to make and really light and refreshing.


Finally I’ve found veggie sausages that are dairy and gluten free which have a lovely taste and texture. Sausage butties with brown sauce at last!


I’ve started making my own falafel. Even on weak/fatigued days I can cook in my slippers and dressing gown (hair tied back, sleeves rolled up) and while I fry the falafel the Bloke can chop the salad which takes me an absolute age to do safely any way. Team work!


More widely available snacks which I can eat! Quinoa Chips are available from LIDL and Coop, Proper Corn basically everywhere, Graze bags, Salt and Vinegar Crisps and Cheesy Natchos (not featured) from Tesco and Indian Saag cashews from Coop.

Random Stuff screen-shot-2017-02-23-at-21-58-29

The set up in my bedroom was not working for me, so I took the end off my bookcase to open up the space more and bought two new strings of fairylights. Moroccan style drilled gold metal hearts and mini rose gold flowers. This makes the room look a little bigger but much cosier. I also bought a string of perspex bats left over from halloween for a quid but I’m saving those, haha!


The collard dovies who we feed have had another little egg which eats off the window ledge like it’s parents. It’s so skinny and cute!


I’m so pleased with the mobility adaptations in the house now. Two rails to get me up the stairs, a grab rail on the landing to guide me into the bathroom so I don’t fall down the stairs instead and a chair in the shower, making taking a shower so utterly relaxing, rather than the exhausting – back aching nightmare it once was.


Came across tulips in Coop and got two bunches because they are some of my favourite flowers and really brighten up the place.



The Raven girl by Audrey Niffeneger is a beautifully illustrated fairytale about a girl who is half raven and longs to have wings of her own. It is gothic while also being contemporary and rather wonderful. The themes cover love, acceptance, betrayal, self discovery and scientific breakthrough.


4 responses to “My Lifestyle Lately – February”

  1. Quirky Little Planet Avatar

    The avatar is cool and that psychedelic rhino sticker is cute! Love the positivity notebook idea too 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Vamp It Up Mcr (Chrissie) Avatar

      Thank you 😊 The positivity idea came from a Pinterest suggestion of putting notes in a jar but I thought a diary would encourage me more as it’s obvious if you miss a day, plus I 💙 stationary!


  2. Haylee Avatar

    That paper (notebook?) with cats and octopus on is adorable! Great job with the avatar too 🙂


    1. Vamp It Up Mcr (Chrissie) Avatar

      Ah thanks mate, I kept changing it until I was finally happy. They are really cute inside as well with little illustrations.

      Liked by 1 person

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